NBA Mock Draft: Bronny, Sarr, and Clingan [1296x729]
NBA Mock Draft: Bronny, Sarr, and Clingan [1296x729] (Credit: Illustration by ESPN)

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The storyline with the 2024 NBA draft is what will happen with the Atlanta Hawks and which player they will select as their No. 1 pick.

Ahead of the two-day draft, the picture at the top appears to be clarifying somewhat, with Zaccharie Risacher and Alex Sarr expected by most teams to be the first two names off the board.

ESPN will be tracking news and intel until the Hawks go on the clock at New York's Barclays Center.

Last updated: Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. ET after the Washington Wizards traded for the No. 14 pick. 

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First round 1. Atlanta Hawks

Zaccharie Risacher, SF, Bourg (France) | Age: 19.2

With hours left until Round 1 of tonight's draft, all signs point to Risacher in Atlanta, with rival teams selecting behind the Hawks saying their intel indicates he'll be the choice. The Hawks continue to signal that they have not yet determined their draft-night direction, but other teams are preparing as if Risacher will come off the board at No. 1.

The Hawks have big decisions to make with players already on their roster, especially Trae Young and Dejounte Murray, who seem destined to part ways with the team in the not-too-distant future. The New Orleans Pelicans loom as a potential destination for one of them, with Brandon Ingram the most attractive and attainable target on the Pelicans' roster. Jalen Johnson appears to be the only player the Hawks will not consider moving.

Risacher, as he has for much of the pre-draft cycle, continues to hold firm as the choice at No. 1 after a positive workout with Atlanta. The feedback from those who have seen him in the United States is that he is a better passer and does a better job of initiating contact and playing through physicality than is expected with his lean frame. -- Jonathan Givony

2. Washington Wizards

Alex Sarr, PF/C, Perth (Australia) | Age: 19.1

With the wide expectation that Risacher will hear his name called first, rival teams continue to view Washington as Sarr's probable destination.

Sarr is known to be comfortable with the Wizards' situation, with a younger roster offering a clearer path to playing time and an opportunity to grow into an expanded role. The Wizards had a consistent scouting presence in Perth this season, and they are thought to be keen on Sarr's long-term upside. Amid a full-scale rebuild, Washington has the runway to be patient with Sarr's development, making it a strong fit for him -- and vice versa -- on paper.

Sarr arguably has the greatest upside available here, with the physical attributes to be a top defender as well as the makings of a useful offensive skill set as a finisher and improving floor spacer. -- Jeremy Woo

3. Houston Rockets (via Nets)

Reed Sheppard, PG/SG, Kentucky | Age: 20.0

As of Wednesday afternoon, signs are pointing toward the Rockets staying put on the No. 3 pick and selecting Sheppard, a player they have coveted throughout the pre-draft process.

Houston has been active in conversations surrounding this pick dating back to the draft lottery -- with the Rockets eager to improve their roster and win in the short term -- but it appears to be content to stand pat at this point. The Rockets acquired draft assets from the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, including future picks belonging to the Phoenix Suns that Houston will presumably look to deal in the interest of upgrading the roster, with Phoenix's Kevin Durant among the high-impact players who intrigue them, as ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported.

For the time being -- barring a surprise trade scenario emerging late in the process -- it appears the Rockets will continue to add young talent, and Sheppard has been the favorite here since draft lottery night on May 12. Houston's ownership group traveled to meet with Sheppard in Los Angeles fairly early in the process, and he visited the Rockets' facility to make his case as the best shooter in the draft. -- Woo

4. San Antonio Spurs

Stephon Castle, PG/SG, UConn | Age: 19.6

With Reed Sheppard projected to come off the board at No. 3, Castle appears the strongest candidate to hear his name called by the Spurs at No. 4. The Spurs also brought Reed Sheppard, Rob Dillingham, Matas Buzelis, Dalton Knecht, Cody Williams and others in for workouts, but Castle's defensive ability and long-term upside as a playmaker have made him a captivating prospect at the top of the draft.

San Antonio has fielded a range of trade calls involving both the No. 4 and No. 8 picks, with an interest in creating value where possible, but the Spurs are also thought to be taking a patient approach, rather than moving with unnecessary haste to build a contender around Victor Wembanyama.

It's worth noting the Spurs have expressed increasing interest in Donovan Clingan of late, interviewing him in recent days to get to know him better. Some think this might be a case of the Spurs signaling to rivals that the No. 4 pick is where they need to get to if they want to draft Clingan, as opposed to having concrete interest in a fascinating two-towers lineup with the 7-foot-3 UConn champion and 7-5 Wembanyama. In this scenario, with Sheppard gone at No. 3, rival teams expect the Spurs will be content with Castle. -- Woo

5. Detroit Pistons

Matas Buzelis, SF/PF, G League Ignite | Age: 19.6

Over the past couple days, there has been additional scrutiny from rival teams as to what direction the Pistons will go -- a question which to some extent has stemmed from the emergence of the No. 5 pick as a possible trade-back spot in this draft.

The potential availability of Donovan Clingan would give this pick a degree of added trade value, with teams selecting behind Detroit including Portland at No. 7 and Memphis at No. 9 as possible candidates to move up and select him. In those types of scenarios, Detroit might be able to trade back within the lottery and still select a player it feels comfortable with -- a group that is thought to include Buzelis, Cody Williams and Rob Dillingham.

Detroit worked out Clingan and Williams, and hosted Dillingham for a recent visit. It's worth noting that Dillingham in particular has been linked strongly with Detroit in recent days, with the Pistons in need of an offensive spark to enhance their creative options. Buzelis has been linked strongly to Detroit for much of the pre-draft process, but that interest also predated Trajan Langdon's hiring to run the front office.

Buzelis worked out for most of the teams in this range, including the San Antonio Spurs and the Charlotte Hornets, both selecting behind Detroit at No. 6 and No. 8. He remains viewed as a strong candidate for the Pistons, whether it's at this spot, or in trade-back scenarios. -- Woo

6. Charlotte Hornets

Dalton Knecht, SF, Tennessee | Age: 23.1

Knecht's draft range appears increasingly small, with teams picking from Nos. 4 to 9 all expressing significant interest, except for Detroit at No. 5.

Charlotte has worked out Knecht, and his fit alongside LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller appears to be strong with the perimeter shooting and all-around scoring prowess Knecht offers. If Knecht isn't picked at No. 6, it might be because a player such as Sheppard or Castle (both of whom Charlotte has worked out) is available.

Rival teams say they would be surprised to see Knecht fall past both the Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio at No. 7 and No. 8, where he also seems to be coveted. Buzelis worked out with Charlotte, as well, along with Ja'Kobe Walter and Cody Williams. -- Givony

7. Portland Trail Blazers

Donovan Clingan, C, UConn | Age: 20.3

Clingan remains a target for teams selecting behind Portland, with the implication remaining that he may not actually make it to this pick at No. 7. In this scenario, with Houston and San Antonio projected to stay put at No. 3 and No. 4, Clingan could very well see his name called at No. 5 or No. 6, if Detroit or Charlotte opts to move back.

Clingan has most frequently been connected by rival teams to Memphis, which has a clear need for a player in his mold. In addition to Portland here at No. 7, other teams connected as Clingan suitors via trade-up have been Chicago at No. 11, and Oklahoma City at No. 12, which has the wealth of trade assets to maneuver up the board if it chooses.

In the event there are no trades and Clingan should fall here, the Blazers would presumably be thrilled to land the draft's top rim protector. -- Woo

8. San Antonio Spurs

Tidjane Salaun, PF, Cholet (France) | Age: 18.8

Salaun is one of the tougher lottery prospects to peg in terms of a draft range, as he has had limited time to conduct workouts after arriving from Europe following the NBA's international draft combine in Treviso, Italy.

Salaun, ranked No. 9 in ESPN's Top 100, conducted workouts with Portland, Sacramento and Oklahoma City before spraining his ankle in San Antonio, which prevented him from working out in scheduled visits with Detroit and Charlotte. Despite that setback, it's hard to find many prospects who share the upside Salaun does at 6-foot-10, with an outstanding frame, length, shot-making prowess and defensive versatility.

He is also one of the youngest players in this draft at 18 and will likely need patience and reps to find his footing with the questionable awareness he shows and mistake-prone style he displays on both ends of the floor at times.

Salaun has long been discussed with the Spurs as they are typically attracted to long-armed, high-upside prospects in this mold. The French connection with Victor Wembanyama clearly doesn't hurt, as the Spurs look to build a locker room that their franchise player enjoys being a part of, and Salaun shares many of the same values from a competitiveness and intensity standpoint on and off the court. -- Givony

9. Memphis Grizzlies

Cody Williams, SG/SF, Colorado | Age: 19.5

The Grizzlies have been among the more active teams in trade talks, whether it's up the board for Donovan Clingan, or instead moving back from No. 9 to add value and select further down in the draft. It's possible a player they covet unexpectedly falls here, as well. Memphis has a clear need at center that will likely be addressed one way or another in the coming days, whether it's with its draft pick, acquiring veteran help, or both.

Williams has a wide array of suitors in the lottery, with every team in the range of Nos. 6 to 12 appearing to have interest. Teams have remained intrigued by his upside, physical profile and flashes of strong play early in the season.

He is a late bloomer who will need time to actualize his skill set but could pay dividends over time as a player who was once viewed by some teams as a candidate for No. 1. -- Woo

10. Utah Jazz

Rob Dillingham, PG, Kentucky | Age: 19.4

At this juncture, Dillingham's landing spots seem to be firming up in the 5-10 range, with Detroit, San Antonio and Utah viewed as suitors. The Pistons have come up more frequently as a team with real interest in Dillingham, whether that's at No. 5, or if Detroit decides to move back.

Utah's front office visited him in Los Angeles this past week to get a better feel for him as a player, as he was unable to work out for teams for much of the pre-draft process because of an ankle injury. He also visited the Pistons and Spurs. Several teams picking both earlier and later in the draft are trying to peg where they would need to get to in order to pick Dillingham.

Teams say the Jazz are also exploring some trade-up scenarios that might end up landing them Detroit's pick at No. 5, with Utah possibly using their picks at No. 29 and No. 32. Utah's likely target would be moving ahead of the Hornets at No. 6 for Stephon Castle, a scenario that could only come to fruition if Reed Sheppard falls to San Antonio at No. 4.

Oklahoma City at No. 12 and Miami at No. 15 are two other destinations for Dillingham depending on how the first round unfolds, as well as whatever team ends up with Sacramento's pick at No. 13, if the Kings trade out of the draft as many expect. -- Givony

11. Chicago Bulls

Devin Carter, PG/SG, Providence | Age: 22.2

As of Wednesday morning, it appeared more likely that Carter might be available here for Chicago, a team believed to be one of his strongest suitors.

After trading Alex Caruso for Josh Giddey, Chicago has a clear need for a defensive playmaker in the backcourt and could plug Carter directly into that role, making him a natural fit here should he make it this far in the draft.

The Bulls are viewed by many teams as Carter's floor. Other prospects linked to Chicago as possible options include Ron Holland and local product Terrence Shannon Jr. The Bulls have come up with other teams as a candidate to potentially move up or move back via trade. -- Woo

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Rockets)

Ja'Kobe Walter, SG/SF, Baylor | Age: 19.8

Walter seems to be settling more into this range of the draft, with teams such as the Jazz, Kings, Heat and Lakers thought to be interested. The Thunder could be attracted to what he supplies as they continue to restock their roster with young talent.

While not as flashy or creative as some of the other guards in this draft, Walter's shooting ability, defensive length and impressive intangibles have kept his value stable as a likely role player and floor spacer with room to keep improving.

Oklahoma City has plenty of creators on the roster already, which would allow him to settle into an off-ball role nicely. After acquiring Alex Caruso for Josh Giddey, the Thunder could continue to be aggressive this week, if they so choose, with their huge stockpile of draft picks and intriguing young players that could get them virtually anywhere they want on draft night or they could choose to pursue more veteran talent. -- Woo

13. Sacramento Kings

Ron Holland, SF, G League Ignite | Age: 18.9

This pick has continued to come up as being available as draft night approaches, with the Kings thought to be looking for veteran help and also open to trading back in the draft.

Retaining Malik Monk helped to clarify a big piece of Sacramento's backcourt puzzle moving forward. The depth the Kings have at guard might enable them to take a flier on a high-upside prospect such as Holland, who was once viewed as a top-pick candidate and now seems ticketed for the back half of the lottery.

Players such as Ja'Kobe Walter, Devin Carter and Johnny Furphy also are said to be getting some consideration with this pick. -- Givony

14. Washington Wizards (via Trail Blazers/Warriors)

Nikola Topic, PG, Mega MIS (Adriatic League) | Age: 18.8

The Wizards acquired this pick from Portland along with Malcolm Brogdon and a 2029 conditional pick on Wednesday -- an hour before the draft's Round 1 -- in exchange for Deni Avdija.

Topic was one of 25 players voted into the draft's green room by NBA teams, which is a good sign for his stock stabilizing in the wake of his ACL tear diagnosis at the draft combine in Treviso, Italy. Topic has been in the U.S. visiting teams, with Portland (No. 7), San Antonio (No. 8), Memphis (No. 9) and Utah (No. 10) being some he had scheduled to meet.

However, there's been chatter among teams Wednesday that Topic might be sliding into this part of the draft. After picking up this selection, Washington, which will have the patience to wait out Topic's recovery, could be a soft landing spot. A team picking him will likely need to be comfortable with the idea of a redshirt season next year with long-term thinking in mind, similar to how Chet Holmgren, Joel Embiid, Michael Porter Jr. and Blake Griffin started their NBA careers.

Following Washington's trade with the Trail Blazers on Wednesday night, rival teams suspected the Wizards might not be done dealing, with No. 14 and No. 26 giving them two chips to move up higher in the lottery. -- Woo

15. Miami Heat

Carlton Carrington, PG/SG, Pittsburgh | Age: 18.9

Rival teams expect the Heat to take a swing on a promising young guard, with Rob Dillingham, Isaiah Collier, Jared McCain and Carrington being among those mentioned most frequently.

His combination of size, length, shot-making prowess and passing creativity, along with his youth, intangibles and late-blooming trajectory is very intriguing to teams, even if he's not as far along in his development as some players who are in this range.

Carrington will need time and seasoning to be ready to play meaningful NBA minutes, but versatility and feel for the game gives him a high ceiling in a draft lacking somewhat in that department. -- Givony

16. Philadelphia 76ers

Jared McCain, PG, Duke | Age: 20.3

The Sixers are known to have conducted only a handful of workouts, possibly the fewest of any team drafting in the first round. That info has caused some speculation that this pick could be on the move, depending on which player falls to No. 16.

Regardless of who is picking, McCain has an easy niche he can fill in the NBA with his scoring versatility, basketball instincts, competitiveness and smarts, making him an attractive option for teams drafting in this range. -- Givony

17. Los Angeles Lakers

Zach Edey, C, Purdue | Age: 22.1

The Lakers likely will explore the trade market to see what type of veterans they can add to give LeBron James, Anthony Davis and new coach J.J. Redick the best chance of competing this season, with NBA players such as Dejounte Murray and Collin Sexton being batted around by rival teams as possible targets. Should the Lakers elect to stand pat, picking a plug-and-play center like Edey would make a lot of sense.

Davis is coming off his best season in years from a durability standpoint but will likely need to have his minutes managed, and he has always preferred to play alongside another big man. Enter Edey, who can bring the Lakers some of the physicality they've been lacking inside the paint at times, with L.A. finishing as the NBA's worst offensive-rebounding team last season.

Edey is an elite screener, foul-drawer and finisher, and he comes ready to help a team as the best player in men's college basketball the past two years. -- Givony

18. Orlando Magic

Johnny Furphy, SG/SF, Kansas | Age: 19.5

Furphy should come off the board somewhere in this range, offering an appealing combination of physical tools, shooting ability and youth that makes sense as a development addition on most rosters. He has drawn interest from teams selecting higher than this, including Memphis, Chicago, Oklahoma City and Sacramento, but might be more of a trade-back option for those clubs.

The Magic tend to value much of what Furphy supplies, having selected players with positional size, skill and strong intangibles over the past several drafts. Orlando also has been tied to Carrington and Kyshawn George, two other younger prospects who fit those criteria. -- Woo

19. Toronto Raptors (via Pacers)

Kyshawn George, SG/SF, Miami | Age: 20.5

Surrounding primary ballhandler Scottie Barnes with ample floor spacing will likely continue to be a priority for Toronto.

George hit 41% of his 3-pointers last season, and he is intriguing to teams as a 6-foot-8 player with guard skills, fluidity-changing speeds and strong instincts on both ends of the floor. George has significant upside he can tap into with a late-blooming trajectory.

Carrington, Da Silva, Edey, Ryan Dunn, Isaiah Collier are some of the names rival teams have suggested might be in play here, as well. -- Givony

20. Cleveland Cavaliers

Tristan Da Silva, SF/PF, Colorado | Age: 23.1

Fresh off hiring a new coach in Kenny Atkinson, the Cavaliers can now move onto giving him more shooting and spacing to work with on an offense that, at times, felt cramped last year playing two big men without consistent 3-point range.

Da Silva, 23, is a plug-and-play forward at 6-foot-9½ in shoes who brings coveted defensive versatility, competitiveness, feel for the game and perimeter shooting, making 40% of his 3-point attempts this past season for Colorado. -- Givony

21. New Orleans Pelicans (via Bucks)

Yves Missi, C, Baylor | Age: 20.1

New Orleans is said to be aggressive on several fronts, with a decision coming on forward Brandon Ingram as he enters the final year of his contract and with starting center Jonas Valanciunas becoming a free agent. So, they'll need to ponder addressing those two positions, potentially on draft night.

Picking a big man such as Missi makes sense here, as he had no shortage of explosive moments as a freshman at Baylor, highlighting his elite physical tools as well as the potential he can grow into after having only started playing organized basketball at age 16.

Missi would likely fit in well on a roster that could use a player in this mold. -- Givony

22. Phoenix Suns

Isaiah Collier, PG, USC | Age: 19.7

The Suns have emerged as a possible landing spot for Collier if they opt to keep this pick, which has come up as a trade possibility.

Collier has perhaps the widest draft range of any prospect, starting at around No. 11 with Chicago and extending to the end of the first round. Teams such as Miami, Toronto, Cleveland and New Orleans are taking deep looks. If no team bites, it's possible Collier slides to this part of the draft or even to Minnesota at No. 27, which would have been a shocking prediction prior to USC's season when he was considered among the draft's top prospects.

The Suns are in need of a point guard and would be taking a big swing on Collier's talent. Few prospects share the size, strength, shot-creation prowess, scoring instincts and star power Collier boasts. -- Givony

23. Milwaukee Bucks (via Pelicans)

Kyle Filipowski, PF/C, Duke | Age: 20.6

Filipowski primarily conducted workouts for teams selecting inside the top 20, but he looks to have a wide range of outcomes on draft night, running toward the back of the first round. He worked out for every team in the Nos. 9-to-13 range, but teams selecting in the 20s are also speculating he might be available to them.

His ability to play all over the floor on offense at his size (6-foot-11, 248 pounds) gives him unique appeal, but there are valid questions about his athletic ability and defensive impact, as he doesn't offer much in the way of rim-protection. He figures to be in the mix for every team in need of a big in this range, including the Milwaukee Bucks, who also are viewed as a possible landing spot for Kel'el Ware. -- Woo

24. New York Knicks (via Mavericks)

Kel'el Ware, C, Indiana | Age: 20.1

The Knicks were in the middle of a stunning blockbuster trade on the eve of the NBA draft, sending five first-round picks to the Brooklyn Nets for Mikal Bridges. Beyond the huge reverberations heard throughout the league, the move has clear implications for the 2024 draft as well, as the Knicks are now expected to roster multiple rookies, and hold No. 24, No. 25 and No. 38.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that re-signing starting center Isaiah Hartenstein "becomes more difficult now," presumably due to the massive luxury tax bill the team is facing with the addition of Bridges and the potential re-signing of free agent OG Anunoby to a significant long-term contract.

With Hartenstein out, the best available center on the board, Ware, likely becomes a lot more attractive to the Knicks, especially with the mobile 7-footer's ability to stretch the floor and protect the rim. Coach Tom Thibodeau might have some question marks about Ware's ability to maintain a consistent intensity level, but at this stage of the draft, there aren't many great big men alternatives to point to unless the team decides to package both of their picks and move up for a player such as Zach Edey. -- Givony

25. New York Knicks

Ryan Dunn, SF/PF, Virginia | Age: 21.4

The Knicks are among the teams believed to be highest on Dunn long term because of his defensive versatility and knack for creating turnovers and blocking shots on the wing. His poor jump shooting and wavering confidence as a scorer will be something he'll have to work to overcome, but he has showcased his strengths on the workout circuit and has left room for optimism around his long-term chances of offensive growth.

The Knicks, with a defensive-minded coach in Tom Thibodeau, are likely to value the unique production and tools the No. 34 prospect in ESPN's Top 100 brings to the table and might be more interested than most in being patient with Dunn (who is from Long Island) as he comes along offensively.

Following Tuesday's blockbuster trade for Mikal Bridges, the expectation is now that New York will roster multiple rookies, whether that means selecting at all three of their picks, or using them to move around in the draft.

Expect there to be an emphasis on finding players who can help New York in the shorter term. -- Woo

26. Washington Wizards (via Clippers) Jaylon Tyson, SG/SF, California | Age: 21.5

Tyson has helped his standing in the pre-draft process with strong workouts showing his guard skills and versatility after an outstanding season at Cal.

At 6-foot-7 in shoes, he can play a variety of roles on or off the ball with his passing and budding shot-making prowess. The Wizards are operating with a longer view and could look to move around in the draft to target players they like, even after moving in at No. 14 earlier Wednesday.

Tyson's offensive skill set could be attractive to Washington here, or another team that might wind up selecting at this spot. -- Givony

27. Minnesota Timberwolves

Baylor Scheierman, SG/SF, Creighton | Age: 23.7

Scheierman, who turns 24 on Sept. 26, was one of the big risers in the pre-draft process, starting with a strong showing at the NBA draft combine and continuing with workouts where he impressed with his diverse shot-making prowess, basketball instincts and competitiveness that should allow him to be a plug-and-play option.

Minnesota will be looking to add floor spacing to their twin-tower roster, which is spearheaded by the shot-creating brilliance of Anthony Edwards, and Scheierman is a strong fit.-- Givony

28. Denver Nuggets

DaRon Holmes II, PF/C, Dayton | Age: 21.8

Most NBA teams are operating under the assumption that Holmes has received a promise from the Nuggets, as he canceled a half-dozen workouts shortly after the NCAA withdrawal deadline, a scenario that is similar to what we saw play out last year with Jalen Pickett.

Holmes (6-foot-10 in shoes) has skills as a pick-and-roll finishing, floor-spacing big man who can pass and create off the dribble, giving him intriguing versatility. -- Givony

29. Utah Jazz (via Thunder)

Tyler Kolek, PG, Marquette | Age: 23.2

The Jazz are involved in numerous trade conversations and may not ultimately elect to hold on to all three picks slated in the top-32 selections of the draft, potentially looking to consolidate this pick and their second-rounder (No. 32) to move up into the late teens or early 20s.

Kolek will be attractive to almost any team picking in this range, as he is more tested than most draft prospects at 23 years old, bringing elite toughness, feel for the game and playmaking acumen operating out of pick-and-rolls.

Kolek has shown he can play off the ball as well, making 39% of his 3-pointers the past two seasons, which should help him fit into multiple lineup configurations operating alongside other ball handlers. -- Givony

30. Boston Celtics

Terrence Shannon Jr., SG/SF, Illinois | Age: 23.9

Less than two weeks ago, Shannon was found not guilty of felony rape and aggravated sexual assault. Following the conclusion of his trial, he was able to hold workouts for a range of teams selecting inside the top 20, including the Bulls, Heat, Lakers and Magic, giving him a chance to hear his name called much higher than this, depending on how the draft breaks. Another team that has come up for Shannon is Milwaukee at No. 23.

The Celtics have quite a bit of flexibility at their disposal coming off winning the NBA championship and having their entire core intact. But adding a potential rotational wing with skill would be helpful considering their avenues for adding talent will get narrower soon with the punitive new second-apron rules that go into effect this summer. -- Woo

Second round

31. Toronto Raptors (via Pistons) Adem Bona, C, UCLA | Age: 21.2

32. Utah Jazz (via Wizards) Pacome Dadiet, SG/SF, Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany) | Age: 18.9

33. Milwaukee Bucks (via Trail Blazers) Cam Christie, SG, Minnesota | Age: 18.9

34. Portland Trail Blazers (via Hornets) Bobi Klintman, SF/PF, Cairns (Australia) | Age: 21.3

35. San Antonio Spurs Juan Nunez, PG, Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany) | Age: 20.0

36. Indiana Pacers (via Raptors) Tyler Smith, SF/PF, G League Ignite | Age: 19.6

37. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Grizzlies) A.J. Johnson, SG, Illawarra (Australia) | Age: 19.5

38. New York Knicks (via Jazz) Jonathan Mogbo, PF/C, San Francisco | Age: 22.6

39. Memphis Grizzlies (via Nets) Jaylen Wells, SG/SF, Washington State | Age: 20.8

40. Portland Trail Blazers (via Hawks) Kevin McCullar, SF, Kansas | Age: 23.2

41. Philadelphia 76ers (via Bulls) Justin Edwards, SG/SF, Kentucky | Age: 20.5

42. Charlotte Hornets (via Rockets) Pelle Larsson, SG, Arizona | Age: 23.3

43. Miami Heat Jamal Shead, PG, Houston | Age: 21.9

44. Houston Rockets (via Warriors) Harrison Ingram, SF/PF, North Carolina | Age: 21.5

45. Sacramento Kings Ajay Mitchell, PG, UC Santa Barbara | Age: 22.0

46. LA Clippers (via Pacers) Cam Spencer, SG, UConn | Age: 24.2

47. Orlando Magic Melvin Ajinca, SG/SF, Saint-Quentin (France) | Age: 19.9

48. San Antonio Spurs (via Lakers) Antonio Reeves, SG/SF, Kentucky | Age: 23.5

49. Indiana Pacers (via Cavaliers) Oso Ighodaro, PF/C, Marquette | Age: 21.9

50. Indiana Pacers (via  Pelicans) Dillon Jones, SF/PF, Weber State | Age: 22.6

51. Washington Wizards (via Suns) Nikola Djurisic, SG/SF, Mega MIS (Adriatic League) | Age: 20.3

52. Golden State Warriors (via Bucks) Keshad Johnson, PF, Arizona | Age: 23.0

53. Detroit Pistons (via Knicks) KJ Simpson, PG, Colorado | Age: 21.8

54. Boston Celtics (via Mavericks) Jalen Bridges, SF, Baylor | Age: 23.1

55. Los Angeles Lakers (via Clippers) Bronny James, PG/SG, USC | Age: 19.7

56. Denver Nuggets (via Timberwolves) Ulrich Chomche, PF/C, NBA Academy Showcase (Africa) | Age: 18.4

57. Memphis Grizzlies (via Thunder) Enrique Freeman, PF/C, Akron | Age: 23.9

58. Dallas Mavericks (via Celtics) Ariel Hukporti, C, Melbourne (Australia) | Age: 22.2

Jonathan Givony is an NBA draft expert and the founder and co-owner of, a private scouting and analytics service used by NBA, NCAA and international teams. 

Jeremy Woo is an NBA analyst specializing in prospect evaluation and the draft. He was previously a staff writer and draft insider at Sports Illustrated.