Travis Hunter & Shedeur Sanders [608x342]
Travis Hunter & Shedeur Sanders [608x342] (Credit: Ryan Kang/Getty Images)

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First it was footage of gameplay. Then it was an in-depth look at Dynasty Mode. And on Wednesday, college football fans got the latest glimpse behind the curtain of EA College Football 25, with the game's top 100 players revealed.

Michigan, Ohio State and Georgia lead the way as the only teams to have multiple players ranked in the top 10. Ohio State leads all teams with eight players in the top 100, with Georgia and Alabama (six apiece) as well as Michigan and Oregon (five apiece) trailing.

Quarterbacks did not fare especially well on the list, with just eight signal-callers cracking the top 100 -- none of whom landed in the top 10. Running backs (14), cornerbacks (10) and wide receivers (nine) all garnered more spots on the overall list.

The highest-ranked quarterback -- Colorado's Shedeur Sanders -- came in at No. 17, behind three receivers as well as two running backs and two cornerbacks.

Speaking of Sanders, the rankings spotlighted both members of Coach Prime's star duo. Colorado landed just two players in the top 100, but the average ranking of the Buffs' Sanders/Travis Hunter tandem comes out to 11.5 -- well above the next-best average for a team with only two players in the top 100 (Texas, 20).

The Sanders/Hunter duo is also unique in that both players slotted in at first in their respective position group's ranking -- Sanders as the highest-rated quarterback and Hunter as the top-ranked wide receiver.

EA College Football 25 will be released to the general public July 19.